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Automated boats and their advantages

Sep 28, 2020

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  • Automated boats and their advantages

    Automated boats are the future. We have heard this phrase over and over again, not just referring to boats, but to any means of transport in general. We keep getting glimpses of self-driving cars, self-riding bikes, or self-sailing yachts and ships. Nowadays, turning to automation systems means having achieved a proper balance between design and modern technologies.

    As one of the most cutting-edge industries at the moment, boats are integrating automation systems, especially when it comes to their management and maintenance. Automated boats require less maintenance while providing a futuristic experience not only for the guests or owners but also for the crew members looking after the vessels. In addition, they enhance the safety of the boat as well as its efficiency.

    A full automation system for boats has not been achieved yet. This means that totally autonomous boats that sail by themselves without a crew are still just an idea (although it should be noted we are not far from that idea). The highest degree of boat automation has been achieved however in terms of management.

    Automated boat management systems

    Automated boats are managed through accessible systems that allow any person of the maintenance team to be fully aware of their specific job. By having every member of the management team be on the ‘know’, boat maintenance becomes easier, faster, and more organized. In this scenario, the crew is more productive and obviously more efficient, which are also two of the main advantages of automation systems.

    In addition, the quality of the work is better as no member of the crew is overtired as the workload is distributed better among each team member.

    Last but not least, an automated boat management system increases control and allows for a better overview of what is going on with the boats at all times.

    TheBoatAPP is a great tool when it comes to boat automation integration. It includes all the relevant data pertaining to your marine life. Everything is cataloged and organized for you to access at any point, whether online or offline. Since this is an app, you can get your information backed up and access it from any device.

    This automated boat management system allows you to have all your marine data in one place, including inventory, maintenance, logbook, documents, checklists, alerts, tasks, reports, and more. You can use it with a free account and browse around to explore the features. See for yourself what this app can do for you. You can also opt for the Gold program which gives you more options.

    Take your boat maintenance on another level with a boat management system that gives you your entire boating life at hand!

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