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Electric and Hybrid Boats – The Future of Sailing

Aug 23, 2022

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  • Electric and Hybrid Boats – The Future of Sailing

    Electric boats, as well as hybrid boats, are becoming more and more popular thanks to their positive impact on the planet.

    People are turning to renewable energy not only to minimize costs but also to clean up the environment by cutting down on carbon emissions and have quieter boats by reducing the noise production of conventional engines.

    In addition, everyone seems to enjoy the prestige that comes from becoming a more conscious member of society that is concerned about lowering the overall carbon footprint of their activities.

    Trends with electric powered boats

    In the boating industry, many people are now looking for electric turbines and propellers, eco-friendly batteries, solar panels, recycled materials, and more. While this industry is still behind the automotive one when it comes to renewable energy sources, considerable steps are being made in this direction.

    The future of sailing does indeed lie in hybrid propulsion and electric-powered boats, but changes are slow as most countries are not paying enough attention to boats as they are paying to cars.

    One of the main reasons for this slow process is the complexity of yacht manufacturing as well as lower production rates of boats and sailing vessels over the past few years.

    In addition, the installation of hybrid propulsion systems in boats is difficult due to the limited capacity of their batteries. This in turn prevents large-scale hybrid motors from becoming the new normal and conquering the market.

    The future of hybrid boats

    The demand for electric and hybrid boats however is increasing so more companies are looking to facilitate the installation process and are trying to make it economically easier.

    So what the future holds in store is in fact more electric and hybrid boats compared to conventional engines. The UK for example wants to have only electric boats and ships by 2050.

    This means cleaner waters, boats that do not vibrate or cause sound pollution, and last but not least, better systems for the boats to monitor the lifecycle of propulsion systems through digital ecosystems.

    Electric boats also mean slower travel which allows passengers to enjoy a mindful trip on a very comfortable vessel.

    Slower travel is an emerging trend that can be seen in many coastal towns in Europe. Tourists on Lake Como for example, can step on an electric boat and sail across the lake to look at the most beautiful landmarks of this town. Soon, electric and hybrid boats will also start to dominate the fishing sector and therefore become the new normal of this industry.

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