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Which is the Fastest Type of Sailboat

Aug 25, 2021

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  • Which is the Fastest Type of Sailboat

    Sailboats are graceful, fun, adventurous, freeing, beautiful, and quite appealing. They can also be fast, however, which is why you will find many people in the marine world discussing which is the fastest type of sailboat available

    Speed however is a very relative term. What is fast for someone is not for another, and especially in the boating industry. Sailboats come in different sizes and conditions. Some of them are intended for races while others are made for more comfortable cruises. Typically, however, any speed that reaches two digits, such as 10 knots and above, can feel fast in the sailboat spectrum. As a result, most lists show the fastest types and models rather than an ultimate sailboat that is faster than all the rest. 

    Most experts in the naval industry have agreed on what the fastest types of sailboats are

    • First of all, you have the specialized performance boats that can reach a speed of 65.45 knots. The fastest one of this kind is the Vestas Sailrocket 2
    • Next in line are the windsurfers and kiteboarders. These sailboats are intended for speed and water sports and feel very fast when you are on them. They can reach a speed of 50 knots or slightly more. 
    • Moving on to foiling monohulls, these boats can sail at 50 knots. These are specific monohull sailboats intended for races that have a lower drag and an increased speed thanks to hydrofoils that lift the boat off the water. 
    • Foiling multihulls are also quite fast, although not as much as the previous ones. They can reach a speed of 44 knots
    • Last but not least, racing skiffs make the list with offshore racing multihulls reaching a little over 20 knots and performance multihulls speeding at a maximum of 20 knots

    Knowing the fastest types of sailboats can help you make a decision on what type of boat you like to buy. If all you are looking for is speed and adventure on the water, then the specialized performance boats are great. If you want an offshore cruiser, check out some models that can sail at 20 knots so you can get the fastest cruiser of the series. These boats are perfect for long voyages and family trips. You can enjoy the open waters and reach destinations in style and security.

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