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How Fast Can a Catamaran Go

Sep 06, 2021

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  • How Fast Can a Catamaran Go

    When it comes to boats, catamarans are some of the fastest vessels you will find, that offer not only speed but also comfort. But exactly how fast do catamarans go?

    Catamarans can be much faster than monohulls. This comes as a result of two hulls that are narrower than just one and allow the boat to cut through the waves by reducing drag and causing planing. Planing is the lifting of a boat over the water, a process that makes them go much faster. 

    Normally, a catamaran’s top speed is between 15 and 30 knots

    They can achieve such speed thanks to the lack of a keel or centerboard. As such, catamarans are much lighter than monohulls and can slide through the waves. In addition, the two hulls allow the boat to be stable and prevent capsizing while going faster. 

    Also, the two hulls of the catamaran reduce drag and make it possible for the boat to rise out of water and achieve more speed. 

    The sail also helps catamarans achieve more speed. Unlike monohulls, these boats keep the sail perpendicular to the wind. As such, they get more energy from the wind, allowing them to become faster.

    Some of these vessels have also managed to win races thanks to their sport design intended for speed. These vessels can reach a maximum of 60 knots, which is quite considerable when it comes to boats. 

    In fact, the fastest type of catamaran so far is a racing vessel, designed to be ultra-light and sail at a normal speed of 45 knots. What allows them to fly through the water so quickly is a very narrow hull that cuts through the waves and slides over them without any bumps. In addition, these boats are great at planing

    Sport catamarans are quite fast too. They can reach a maximum speed of 30 knots, while also providing some comfortable amenities inside so that you can enjoy the trip more and still feel an adventurous vibe.

    Cruising catamarans on the other hand are slower but even more comfortable and safer than sports ones. These catamarans can sail between 15 and 20 knots and offer proper accommodation inside. Therefore, these boats are great for offshore cruising. 

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