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Finding the Perfect Boat Logbook App

Dec 03, 2019

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  • Finding the Perfect Boat Logbook App

    Where to find the perfect boat logbook app

    People are curious beings, always trying to better themselves through research and exploration. Certainly as a boat owner, you find yourself first in the explorator category. Besides new exotic shores and beautiful sites, there is also another exploration course for boat owners right now, and that’s boat applications and software. 

    While keeping your boat on water is certainly the best part of owning a boat, its maintenance is crucial in ensuring that you are safe when on a trip. A boat logbook app can certainly help you with that. A logbook keeps track of the main and most important events of a boat regarding its management tasks, operations and navigation. As such, it has to be constantly updated. This is probably why the modern era has seen the need for logbooks to be digital rather than captain handwritten diaries. Follow this article to find the perfect logbook app right now!

    The best boat logbook App

    Looking for the perfect boat logbook app? Than you have stumbled upon the right place. TheBoatApp is the most user-friendly software that includes a number of management tasks for boat owners, in order to make the whole process easier and safer. TheBoatApp includes every detail of your boat, fully catalogued and organised, easy for any boat owner, manager, skipper, crew, etc, to access from anywhere in the world. All the information included in TheBoatApp is backed-up and be accessed online as well as offline at any point in time. It includes checklists, alerts, inventory, maintenance, documents and most importantly logbooks. 

    The logbook software is easy to use by any boat and yacht owner. It has a simple but nicely organised user interface that makes the whole process more effective. The logbook part of TheBoatApp includes a registry of all the trips that the boat has gone through and provides information about the conditions of the trip as well as about the usage of the boat’s systems, like the engine, generator, watermaker, etc. All the information is easy to search as well as share with all the members of the on board crew, the marina manager or just family & friends back home. In addition, the logbook can also store pictures, allow for social media sharing, online publishing and more. It provides details on the weather conditions, trip stops, radio logs, Google Maps routes as well as a direct connection to Windy for live weather updates. The aim of the app is to provide all the necessary information so that every trip is safe and everyone on the boat is prepared for the weather conditions to come. Last but not least, TheBoatApp logbook can also support audio-logging for when words are just not enough. For more information, you can contact TheBoatApp directly and ask all the questions you are interested in uncovering regarding the boat logbook app!

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