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[Updated] The fastest cruising catamarans of 2020

Jun 26, 2020

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  • [Updated] The fastest cruising catamarans of 2020

    Catamarans are some of the most interesting boats to roam the oceans. They are not only considered great looking vessels with plenty of space for utmost comfort, but also fast boats that you can use in races. Performance catamarans are categorized as multihulls and offer unique design features in addition to unparalleled speed.

    Several lists have been compiled to categorize the best catamarans every year. Here are some of the fastest cruising catamarans of 2020:

    • Outremer Catamarans have made a name for themselves for being fast as well as fun. With the Outremer 45 as a wonderful representative, these catamarans are characterized by narrow bows and large rigs. The Outremer 45 features a smart design from Barreau-Neuman, constructed in the Outremer yard in the South of France. It is built in carbon, glass, vinylester and divinycell in order to be durable and strong. This boat can reach a maximum speed of 15 knots, with a comfortable sailing speed at 9-10 knots. 
    • The Privilege Signature 510 is another fast cruising catamaran, recently acquired by the German Hanse Group. It is an elegant and sportive design with an arched coach roof. It features a galley, a living area, a carbon mast, and a very appealing exterior. This catamaran costs 995,000 euros.
    • The Marsaudon Composites ORC50 also makes this list. What is unique about these vessels is that they can be used for racing as well as cruising.  Designed by Christophe Barreau, this boat features a sporty look with an angular coachroof, large inverted bows, a powerful rotating carbon mast, and a high freeboard. In addition, the ORC50 is a lightweight boat that allows it to gain speed quite easily. 
    • Next in line are the Fountaine Pajot yachts. These boats present a good balance between comfort and performance, which has been what boat owners and mariners have been looking for lately. Most of their boats are able to sail at 9-10 knots with less resistance, while still maintaining a smooth voyage for the crew. Some of the fastest cruisers from Fountaine Pajot include Astréa 42 and Elba 45.
    • Last but not least, the Gunboat 68 is a lightweight boat that is suitable for many sailing conditions. This multihull sailboat has high-aspect straight daggerboards, strong bows that manage to cut through waves, and retractable rudders. It also features different layouts that can house 4, 5, or even 6 cabins. The interior of the boat is a pure reflection of the external shape of the hull. All in all, this is an ergonomic design that aims to be flexible and easy to use by anyone on board. This catamaran costs 5.5 million euros.

    These are the top five fastest cruising catamarans of 2020 according to us. Other impressive cruising multihulls include the Dolphin 42, Privilege 435, Fountaine Pajot Belize 43, Nautitech 44, Lagoon 440, Voyage 44, Outremer 45, Prout 45, and Leopard 45. Explore their features and more catamaran characteristics, keeping also a full record and management of your boating life with TheBoatAPP.

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