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Best routes to sail around the world

Jun 22, 2020

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  • Best routes to sail around the world

    Sailing around the world is one of the most interesting adventures you could experience. There are however certain risks associated with it such as bad weather, rough sea, or sudden hazards. All these risks can be minimized considerably if you choose secure routes to sail.

    Here are some of the safest routes to sail around the world.

    1. One of the best sailing routes around the world is also the fastest one ever achieved by a wind-powered trimaran called IDEC3. This boat sailed around the world in 40 days, 23 hours, 30 minutes, and 30 seconds back in 2017. The trip around the world is called a circumnavigation. The IDEC3 trimaran sailed east in the North Atlantic Ocean, Equator, South Atlantic Ocean, Southern Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean, Equator, and finally back to the North Atlantic Ocean.  This is a fast route that does not offer the opportunity for many stops along the way. It does however allow travelers to enjoy the freedom that the open sea offers and set speed records!
    2. Another interesting route to sail around the world is to start in the Caribbean, sail towards the Panama Canal, and then cross the South Pacific Ocean towards Australia. Next, this route continues onto Southeast Asia across the Indian Ocean, and then back to the Atlantic Ocean towards the Caribbean. It allows the travelers to explore exotic countries with rich cultures.
    3. One of the safest routes to sail around the world is also the following: Leaving from the south of Turkey and crossing the Mediterranean while visiting Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, and then Italy. Next, this route takes you to Corsica, Mallorca, Gibraltar, and the Atlantic Ocean. It moves onto the Cape Verde and Barbados, the Caribbean and then onto the Pacific Ocean, through the Panama Canal. Furthermore, this route takes you to French Polynesia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, south of India, South Africa, and then back to where it started, Turkey. This is one of the most scenic routes as well as it offers the opportunity to stop in several countries of the world. It is precisely this the reason that this route is the most secure. It allows you to travel close to the shore in many instances and avoid bad weather by docking in nearby marinas where possible.

    There are many different routes to take in order to travel around the world. What is important however is to always be prepared. Have a checklist ready and keep an eye on your inventory. Make sure the weather is good and always keep your logbook with you. You can use TheBoatApp to have all this information online and in hand at anytime and anywhere in the world so you never find yourself unprepared when out in the ocean.

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