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5 Predictions for the Future of the Yacht Industry

Oct 10, 2019

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  • 5 Predictions for the Future of the Yacht Industry

    The yacht industry is probably one of the most advanced, cutting edge and instantly developing industries in the world. The number of yachts produced is growing every year and changes happen constantly, so it is very difficult to keep track. People are always curious to be surprised on what is to be expected by this industry as a result of the super luxurious status that is associated with it. In addition, interested buyers want to know what is in store for them in the upcoming years if they want to be a yacht owner. This is why predictions are important in this industry.

    Luckily, yachts have been in the market for a very long time, which has made it possible for people to read developing patterns. In addition, the yacht industry still remains one that is always eager to push the limits of luxury and reality. There is no dream big enough for a yacht designer, which is why the future of the yacht industry holds quite interesting new developments. Here are 5 of the most peculiar ones.

    Top 5 upcoming trends of the yacht industry

    One of the most interesting things that we will probably see happen in the yacht industry is the realisation of 3D printed yachts. 3D printing has become popular in many industries, which is why Gregory C Marshall, a canadian yacht designer, is positive that the yacht industry will also benefit from this new technology. While printing an entire yacht might be a bit far fetched right now, the possibility of printing components that can be assembled together is quite near.

    Another prediction for the future of the yacht industry is a shift in the targeted market. It seems that more and more young people are getting into this industry, which means that the design of the yachts might change entirely. One of the main trends is the development of a multihull yacht, contrary to the single hull yacht which is the most popular one right now.

    The next prediction might not come as a surprise. Basically, yachts will become more and more luxurious. The trend is to add as many features and amenities to yachts so that it becomes unnecessary to ever have to leave the premisses. Yachts are already more equipped than a normal home, but chances are they will become small fully functional cities. The aim is to be able to integrate social life and business, while still maintaining the privacy, integrity and prestige of this type of vessel.

    In terms of design, glass will become the main material that will be used in the exterior of yachts. People love the connection with nature and the environment, and when this is not possible, glass is the next best thing. It allows for views and the overall atmosphere penetrates the interior space. What is predicted however is that the cost of glass will come down significantly.

    Lastly, destinations will be impacted as well. With social media being so popular and exposing every corner of the earth, people are now more inclined to discover new places that have never been seen before. This is why, predictions show that people will start travelling with their yachts to more secluded places rather than the popular destinations we are so familiar with right now. With yachts being equipped with almost anything necessary for a long distance trip, this will no longer be a challenge for anyone.

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