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5 advice to better manage your boat tasks

Aug 03, 2020

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  • 5 advice to better manage your boat tasks

    Boat task management is an important step in maintaining your boat and preserving your investment. Task management is what ensures that your boat is safe and secure before you leave for a trip. It is also what allows your boat to be used whenever you wish to take it out on the water, whether on season or offseason.

    The whole process can become tiresome if not done properly. This could lead to an overall drop of interest in the vessel and a lack of proper maintenance in general. In order to better manage boat tasks here are the top 5 advice you need to follow:

    1. Leave old school boat task management systems such as notebooks and paperwork behind. Invest in a proper software to manage boat tasks such as TheBoatAPP. By using an app, you can plan maintenance tasks in advance, allow enough time to accomplish those tasks, assign them to the relevant person that needs to get the task completed, and also get alerts on when a deadline is approaching. In addition, using a software means that you can have all your boat data at hand at anytime and anywhere in the world, without the risk of losing any important documents or notes.
    2. Prioritize your tasks and be aware of how much time each task needs to be completed properly. Do not rush the process. Instead, try to distribute the tasks appropriately between the members of the boat maintenance team such as technicians, engineers, sailors, etc.
    3. Make sure you never neglect your checklist. Include all necessary tasks in the list and compile a structured and well-thought system where task management and checklists are related. Again, using an app or software will allow you to keep checklists, tasks, alerts, logbooks, inventory, documents, and more in the same database and use all their information in order to properly maintain the boat.
    4. Be on top of everything. Whether you use a software or not, do not forget that you are the owner of the boat and you are expected to know what is going on at all times. Software and apps are tools to help you better manage your boat tasks, they do not substitute you. You are the captain after all!
    5. Lastly, take it easy. It is important not to stress out too much about boat task management. Do not allow yourself to get to the point that you dread looking or paying attention to the boat itself. Make sure you enjoy the entire experience and not just the trips.

    Owning a boat is a responsibility as much as it is a pleasure. So, make the most out of every aspect of it!

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