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10 interesting fun facts about boats that you did not know

Aug 05, 2020

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  • 10 interesting fun facts about boats that you did not know

    Boats are very interesting vessels. Here are some fun facts about boats that you might not have heard about.

    1. Good luck and back luck omens are different on a boat than on dry land. For instance, whistling on a boat is expected to bring upon strong winds and is therefore considered bad luck. Bananas on a boat are also seen as bad luck especially on fishing boats. It is thought that fish do not bite on a hook if there are bananas close by. Finding a cat on a boat on the other hand is considered good luck, even if it is a black cat. Cats eat rats and keep the boat clean and safe.
    2. The youngest person to sail around the world is Laura Dekker. She is a 14-year old that went off to sail around the world in 2012 and finished her trip 518 days later when she was 16.
    3. A party yacht has tripped over once as all the passengers moved to one side to have a better look at a nudist beach in Texas.
    4. A 2004 study has confirmed that joining a cruise ship after retirement is cheaper than retiring to a retirement home.
    5. The difference between a boat and a ship lies in its weight. If a vessel is over 500 tones then it is called a ship. A ship can also carry a boat.
    6. The first ship to reach America only had 40 people on board, including Christopher Columbus. It was the size of a bus and it did not exceed 70 feet.
    7. According to evidence found by several archeologists, boats have been used over 900.000 years ago.
    8. Americans own about 18 million boats today. Some of them are used for recreational purposes while others are commercial boats.
    9. Boats have a life expectancy. After that, they are not deemed safe or stable anymore. Usually, cargo ships that sail in the oceans can have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. Sailboats are meant to be used for 30-40 years even if they are made of softer materials such as plywood or fiberglass.
    10. Vasa is a Swedish warship that is known for sinking in 1628 and being recovered in 1961. After spending centuries in the water, this boat was still completely intact and in good shape. It is actually the only vessel left from the 17th century. This boat now lies in the Vasa Museum of Stockholm which was built as a tribute to this ship. It is now one of Sweden’s most popular attractions. It receives almost 30 million tourists.

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