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10 Latest Developments in the Boat Industry

Oct 10, 2019

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  • 10 Latest Developments in the Boat Industry

    The boat industry is always changing and developing. Sometimes it is hard to even keep up with the latest trends and news. Knowing what is going on around you however is important to be up to date with your overall marine life and run a successful boat. Here are some of the latest news regarding boats and yachts.

    10 market updates in the yacht and boat industry

    The yacht market is quite a luxurious one. It is a multi-billion worth market and keeps growing year over year.

    The yacht market is mainly dominated by vessels from 10 to 20m long. This size range is comfortable for families and people who enjoy a luxurious yet feasible marine life.

    The most important features of yachts still remain comfort, liveability and innovative technology. Mainly, people want to feel comfortable and enjoy high tech solutions, like at home, when they are out in the water.

    The leading producer of luxurious motor yachts is Italy with almost 42% of all global production. The Italian market has been entering international markets and their products have been very well received. The next big producers of yachts are the UK, USA, Netherlands and Taiwan. 

    Motor yachts are predicted to increase in numbers in the following years as a result of increased room space, additional recreational activities as well as further opportunities. Motor yachts include the flybridge, sedan bridge, express-style and aft cabin.

    One of the main interests in the latest yacht and boat market is materials. Fiber reinforced plastic is the material which has the best parameters to be used in the marine environment. It is a lightweight material which increases speed and reduces fuel consumption.

    The most known producers of luxury yachts in the past few years are Horizon Yacht USA, Alexander Marine Co Ltd, Princess Yachts International plc, Viking Yacht Company and Ferretti S.P.A.

    One of the most important events of 2019 is the Southampton boat show, which is the biggest UK boat show.

    One of the best motor yachts of the 2019 of the Cannes boat show is the Ferreti 720. This is a 30 knot flybridge yacht with a carbon fibre hardtop. It covers an area of 30 square meters including 8 cabins in total.

    The Monaco yacht show, predicted that superyachts will become more popular in the upcoming years.

    The yacht and boat industry are constantly changing and updating. To stay on top of things, follow our blog at TheBoatApp!

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