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Why use a sailboat management app

Nov 18, 2020

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  • Why use a sailboat management app

    A sailboat is a complicated vessel to manage. It requires year-round maintenance in addition to extra care before a trip. There are so many different aspects that need to be taken into consideration when managing a sailboat. This has led the naval industry to turn to sailboat apps for help.

    A sailboat app is a software that contains important information regarding boats. Like any other app, it can be accessed through a smartphone or other device that supports it. This is the first major advantage that an app provides: accessibility from anywhere in the world. Such a positive feature is even more important in the marine world as boat owners, guests and members of the boat management team are usually traveling. Keeping all important documents and data in an office is hard and risky as many papers can get lost in between voyages.

    In addition, a sailboat app alerts the owner of what needs to be done and when. All in all, a sailboat app will always keep you on track while allowing you to be more organized, better prepared, and more efficient in managing and maintaining your boat.

    Best sailboat management app

    TheBoatAPP is one of the most completed boat apps in the marine world. It documents, stores, and backs up all onboard systems and maintenance schedules in addition to logbooks, inventories, tasks, checklists, reports, and documents.

    It includes an offline functionality which makes this app informative and flexible. TheBoatAPP also allows you to organize maintenance tasks better and in shorter times through its sharing feature. You can share important schedules, send alerts, or report to every member of the team in real-time, without needing to schedule a meeting to discuss what to do and who should do what.

    In addition, you can share logbooks with potential buyers and allow them to see the condition of the boat, where it has traveled, and how it has performed without having to carry plenty of documents with you to a face to face meeting. Selling a boat becomes much easier when you have a sailboat app.

    TheBoatAPP also allows you to store important documents of the boat within the software. These could be licenses, ownership documents, manuals, and more. You can back up these files and never misplace them or lose them ever again. In addition, if you need a document on the spot for whatever reason, you can just scroll through your phone and get all the information you want.

    TheBoatAPP has a user-friendly interface and quite an ingenious design that permits all functions of the app to work within each other like a proper team. Therefore, after a maintenance check has been completed, this information is generated into a report. Also, alerts are put in place to remind you of the next checkup. The same goes for other functions such as inventories. If an item from the inventory is about to expire, an alert will be sent to notify you to re-stock.

    TheBoatAPP can be used by anyone, whether a boat owner or not. You can use it with a forever free account or a Gold membership that offers more features!

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