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So, summer is about to kiss us goodbye (...for the North hemisphere at least!), with users from Canada already reporting docking their boats for good and preparing for winterizing and yet another long-winter! Don't despair, our Southern friends in South Africa and Australia are ready for the sailing season, and maybe we shall think of joining them! (…if it wasn’t for these dreaded international travel restrictions!)

What is great and we are proud of, is that we get much feedback from users like YOU! We read all messages received and we answer each one in details. Some are for bugs and fixes needed (…software will always have some of these, especially when new!), other are ideas and proposals of what we can improve or what we should add. For these we keep detailed notes on our software planning & developing online tools to make sure that no good idea will go wasted. Furthermore, we intended to do so publicly so that YOU will be able to publicly post your idea/proposal and get feedback from us as well as from fellow cruisers. This will help by prioritizing the “hottest” ideas and seeing how we may bring them to you soon than later. As always, reach out to us on

During August we released TheBoatApp v2.0.4 with quite a few fixes (see more on the Changelog) and also working on new features and improvements such as Sharing Granularity, for being able to share any individual record with anyone you need to; Search, so that you may search within all the fields of your Inventory for this spare that you remember only that “Captain-Jack” gave it to you!; Custom-Fields, so that you will be able to add any DB-field that you want to, and much more. TheBoatDB v2 is being finalized and will be launched soon. Like with TheBoatApp-2.0, you will see a brand-new design and user-interface, much more appealing the user-friendly than the existing v1! For those asking about the “poor” Mobile Apps, better use the web access (browser) from your mobile/tablet and allow us a few more months for the TheBoatApp Mobile-2.0. Please be patient since we have the goodwill and do the work but our resources are finite (…we are neither Microsoft nor Google!) but we are committed to make Marine Data Cloud to serve YOUR boating needs for life!

We are grateful to our Gold subscribers for supporting the platform and we call the rest of you to join them, get extra features and more importantly support the platform, for us to keep developing and adding new features on TheBoatDB and TheBoatApp. YOU are the wind on our sails!


Best Boat for Open Ocean Sailing!

One thing that everyone loves for sure is open ocean sailing. But which boat is best for this particular activity? You can choose between the Hallberg-Rassy 42F Standard, Bénéteau Sense 57 Shoal draft, or other ones carefully picked for this list. Explore their features on our blog as well as platform, or even compare them at TheBoatDB.

Read more information regarding ocean sailing and what boats are more appropriate for this activity on our articles at TheBoatDB. We are always updating our blog with the latest news and coolest events happening in the nautical world. So make sure to check for new publications frequently and don’t miss a beat!


Thanking you, we wish you good health and an always seaworthy boat!


Best Marine Regards,

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