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Try Gold FREE for 90 Days!

The trading winds are blowing favorably and we have recently launched v2.0 of our platform! Your account is now fully migrated to v2.0 and on your next next login you will complimentary join the Try Gold FREE for 90 Days plan. This is absolutely free for you. Upon the expiration of the provided Try Gold FREE for 90 Days, your plan will be automatically reverted to Free without any obligations on your side.

Why do we so? We have put enormous efforts over the past 9+ months by performing a tonne of improvements including, technological changes to make the platform faster and more responsive (yes, this means we have re-coded pretty much everything!); redesigned in full the User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI); set the base to introduce pre-alerts, cost logging, advanced dashboard, custom fields, commenting, task assigning, fully editable table-views; simplified the add-boat procedure, sharing, and many-many-many more. Following these, we want to make sure that you will get a 360° view of the full experience and judge for yourself. As stated since day-one of the operation of TheBoatApp, the Free account is and will always be Free and available to you and all fellow sailors to keep for as long as you wish.

Last but not least, existing Gold users have nothing to worry about. Your account will be credited and your Gold subscription will be extended accordingly!


Your boating life in one App!

Go ahead to login to your account and explore. Furthermore, do reach out to us on any issue we may assist with or with any suggestion you might have on what we should work on next. We do have a roadmap ahead but still prefer to get feedback directly from fellow mariners like yourself!


Thanking you, we wish you good health and an always seaworthy boat!


Best Marine Regards,

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