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Ahoy fellow sailors!


This marks the initiation of our Newsletter, established to keep you updated with our latest news and forthcoming developments. In just some months of live operation, we are already counting many hundreds of registered users and many more visitors browsing on a daily basis TheBoatDB. Have we got it all right from the very beginning? Not all, but we are getting on a daily basis your feedback and making the necessary changes. Some are easy ones and done shortly, other ones are tougher and take more time to plan and implement. Since our launch, we have released many updates for both our mobile apps as well as for the core platform (web). For those interested into more details, browse ahead to the platform's Release Notes.


Our full team, over a dozen of experts and counting, has been working hard for the past 6+ months and we are about to release version 2.0 of the platform where many not so user-friendly aspects - including "adding a boat" to your account and "sharing", as many of you have reported - have been fixed. We did a full user-interface redesign, making operations and configurations much more straight forward. This is due to be released in a few weeks for the web access and a bit later on for the mobile apps (yes, they are getting a full redesign too!). We want to keep TheBoatApp really affordable for all sailors out there but still we want it to be nice looking and - more importantly - effective to work with!


Closing, we are proud to call you "fellow sailors" and much more to have you among the first ones to come aboard “Marine Data Cloud”, comprised of TheBoatApp and powered by TheBoatDB. We have many nautical miles to cross and we shall do so, keeping always an open ear to your feedback and making technology work for all sailors out there! Stay tuned and we shall keep you in the loop. Until our next newsletter, fair winds and following seas!


With Best Marine Regards,

Your Marine Data Cloud