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My Data: Location, Availability, Backup and more...



To begin with, many wonder "where my data are physical stored?". The easy and straight forward answer that most, if not all, platform/app providers are providing is that your data are in the cloud! There are platforms/apps that still run some in-house server(s) or even provide stand-alone apps, just running locally on your desktop/notebook/table/phone. However, most are switching to the cloud due to a plethora of advantages, like lower costs, higher availability, ease to upgrade/downgrade needed resource (i.e. storage space and/or processing power) and better backup, to name a few. Us being the "Marine Data Cloud", we are embracing the Data Cloud approach which we bond with the marine community and needs.



Availability & Backup

Your data is our business and we strive to keep them available to you 24/7. For this, our apps are supporting, since their initial release, off-line usage. It is needless to have an app just for you to keep notes when off-line, on what to update when you'll be online again! Furthermore, systems always have failures and we must design them so that when failures occur a redundant system takes over so that the user doesn't practically sees any service interruption. For this reason, we embrace the industry standards for Disaster Recovery (DR). Following international IT standards, our prime and DR sites are located in different geographical regions, some thousands kilometers apart, so that no single event can affect both. Furthermore, they operate on a active-active configuration assuring high-availability so than in case one node/component goes bust the other site is still functional and keep providing uninterrupted service. Despite the aforementioned providing the highest data protection and availability for your data, regular backup is also utilized. To wrap this up, your data are available 24/7 in active-active geo-redundant data centers and backed up.


Your Data Belong to You

We are strong advocates of open systems (our Open-API is under development) and, most of all, that your data belong to you. In other words, at any point you wish to do so, you may export your data and do as you please with them. Furthermore, you may delete your account and all your associated data will be irrevocably removed.

Last but not least, what about your personal information? In line with our User Agreement, we don’t process any payments ourselves. Our payment-processing partner is Stripe and is the one processing any payment card used, including the card number, name, address, etc. Furthermore, and as clearly stated at our Privacy Policy, “Marine Data Cloud takes the privacy of your personal data very seriously, and we do not sell, rent, or otherwise provide your personally identifiable information to third parties”.


You are in control of your data and we make sure to keep them safe and available for you to use.


With Best Marine Regards,

Your Marine Data Cloud