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Mobile v2 Public Beta is Live on Android and iOS!

Mobile v2 Android and iOS Apps have been released! You may download your app from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS). We have to be frank to all of you and convey our apologies for such a looong delay, especially to the Gold users graciously supporting the platform. We do our best to move ahead as fast as possible but we have a really wide ecosystem to maintain and thus many parts to add or improve.

We really wanted to release the updated mobile apps earlier, to align with the new TheBoatApp-web-2.0, but due to resources limitation we had to prioritise other tasks (including TheBoatDB v2 full redesign). This Public Beta is focused on the Logbook, including offline functionality for being able to register log records with or without internet coverage (Gold users). The rest of the modules are still accessible via the Web interface, which is fully responsive on any Mobile Browser (phones and tablets). We continue with the active development of both Mobile Apps and we shall be gradually adding native mobile support (offline too) to all modules.

Closing, we remain grateful to our Gold subscribers for supporting the platform and we call the rest of you to join them, get extra features and more importantly support the platform, for us to keep developing and adding new features on TheBoatDB and TheBoatApp. YOU are the wind on our sails!