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Is TheBoatApp really for Free? Why so?!

Ahoy fellow sailors!

We had received quite a few comments whether TheBoatAPP service is indeed provided for free and what the catch might be. Let us settle this.

The account creation needs simply your name, a valid email address and a password. No payment card is required and your account is fully functional for as long as you wish to keep it. It is not a trial account with some short-term validity. It does not expire, even if you never subscribe to Gold. It is a fully functional account with no expiration date.

The service is free and only if the user wishes to support the platform and get also some extra functionality may subscribe. Even in this case that you subscribe, you may still downgrade to the Free plan and keep your data and functionality provided to Free plan users. Still, we trust you will find TheBoatAPP truly providing "Your boating life in one App" and you will support its future development by subscribing.


With Best Marine Regards,

Your Marine Data Cloud