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Happy 2023! Let’s talk Costs & Boat Maintenance!

Happy New Year 2023 fellow sailors!

It is commonly accepted that the last couple of years have been tough ones. Nevertheless, the boating community has been thriving and the best witness of it are the soaring boat sales! Regardless of even cancelled boat shows, most - if not all - boat makers have a looong backlog and getting the boat you wish in time is pretty much “mission impossible”! But this is not bad since it expands our community, brings more people to boating, more resources available to us all, no matter if it is a new-boat, a spare-part, asking for help when needed or “just” more friends to be made!

On our side, we keep working around the clock on the platform and we admit that we still have some tonnes of work to be done on all cardinal directions. Our main target remains to bring affordable technology benefits to every sailor. Thus, the platform remains Freemium, with a rock-bottom subscription for our Gold Supporters. Our vision is to be able to provide to the whole boating community Improved Safety aboard, Peace-of-mind and Reselling value. If you have missed the past posts on how this is achievable, do some very short reading on how to “Standardise & Systematise your boating data” and “Why not use my paper or even electronic spreadsheet (Excel) tables?”.

On more operational matters, “Winter is here” (…for us Europeans!) and this is good since there are less boating related “distractions” (…apart of some maintenance chores) thus we may work even more focused on your favourite boating platform. Both the iOS and Android mobile-apps are getting better by the day. We are improving the logbook (offline sync, trips and log-records management, etc) and we are soon going to release more mobile features including Tasks and Inventory offline management. In the same vein, the web-platform gets new-features too, to name a few:

  • Boat: custom-fields added (…soon to come on other modules too)
  • Logbook & Trips: major redesign of the add/edit-Trip, of the Trip details-view and the all-log-view; added log-records counter and active/closed trip label, added log-type label, improved search and pagination
  • Alerts: redesign and added ability to switch on/off each alert
  • General: files & documents management improved (gallery on all modules), many fixes and much more!
  • More are coming up during the beginning of 2023, including (spoilers alert!):
  • Costs redesigning and expanding on all modules, including goods/services booking, taxes (VAT/GST), etc:
  • Maintenance & Operations-logs to be able to track forthcoming maintenance chores and also keep a detailed Maintenance log, resulting in Improved Safety aboard, Peace-of-mind and Reselling value of course!

As always, you can track the progress directly on our online changelog.

Closing, we remain grateful to our Gold subscribers for supporting the platform and we call the rest of you to join them, get extra features and more importantly support the platform, for us o keep developing and adding new features on TheBoatApp and TheBoatDB. YOU are the wind on our sails!

We wish you good health and an always seaworthy boat!