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Following the release of TheBoatApp 2.0, we continue our work by fixing and optimizing issues that you bring to our attention as well as by adding new features. Similarly, we are working on the Mobile Apps 2.0. We do know that the current Mobile Apps v1 on Android and iOS are much less than optimal and we are doing a full redesign towards releasing v2 in a few months. Last but not least, TheBoatDB 2.0 will be soon launched. We have done a full redesign to make it easier to browse the boats database, added new search and advanced search panels, exploring by boat manufacturer, and many more.

Our team already counts over fifteen (15) professionals who are focused on improving the whole platform and provide you with a holistic 360° experience, from boats browsing to managing the tonnes of boating data you may have. Our sole source of funding is your subscription, which we have priced very modestly since we believe that technology platforms should be affordable by all. We are grateful to our existing subscribers for supporting the platform. For the price of a just a coffee per month (€49.90/year) we call you to join our Gold subscribers, get extra features and more importantly support the platform, to keep developing and adding new features on TheBoatDB and TheBoatApp & Mobile Apps. You are the wind on our sails!


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Our main goal is to create the best boat platform possible. This is why we are constantly making improvements (fixes) and introducing new features. You can view all the updates in the Changelog section. Access the page to check out the latest added functionalities. Make sure to keep an eye out for everything new we launch so you can get the best experience from the platform. You can always contact us at for anything you may need assistance with or any suggestion you may have.


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Information is power and you need lots and lots of it if you are in boating. Therefore, read our blog to get updated on the latest news regarding sailboats, power-boats, super-yachts and more, so you can become an expert on all marine related subjects. Our articles offer insights, interesting facts, important guidelines on how to compare boats and the easiest way to find the right fit for you. Go and visit the site often so you never miss the release of a new post on our blogs; TheBoatApp Blog & TheBoatDB Blog!


Thanking you, we wish you good health and an always seaworthy boat!


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