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Data Export and Sharing Granularity are here! Your data are… YOURS!

Summer days are over and despite what may have crossed your mind, that we quit the project and head to sailing, we have been actually working on making things better, being somewhat jealous of those lucky yachtsmen enjoying more cruising and less screen-time!

The highlight of our latest releases is probably the long awaited Data Export. We had this in the pipeline for a long time and keep postponing it for something either more urgent or more important but we heard you loud and clear saying that you are missing it and finally here it is. In the second position comes probably the Sharing Granularity, for us to be good on our word that Your data are YOURS to do as you please with them!

You are now in control of who can view versus who can edit and much more you can now export your data.

As always, you can have the full view of what we are adding, updating or fixing, via the online TheBoatApp Changelog and TheBoatDB Changelog. Here are a few headlines of what has been released recently:

Data Export: no need to worry about your precious data. You may export them and do as you please with them. They have been always Yours to begin with and we just assist you to manage them in a meaningful way to keep your boat in top-shape

Sharing Granularity: you may now set view-only or edit rights, individually for each recipient with whom you are sharing with. Provide the needed access-level to a co-owner, skipper, crew, mechanic, marina-staff, etc, and collaborate efficiently and effectively with each of them

Sharing invites: now work even for not-yet-registered recipients. Type the email address of a sharing-recipient and invite him to register and receive the assigned share

New add-boat design: we revised it and made it more user-friendly and self-explanatory to register a boat. It is still a bit of a looong form (…our beloved boats are complicated “creatures” and thus have much data to deal with!) but you may skip ahead if you wish to

Updated logbook maps interface: you may now type a location to centre the map and then pick the precise boat-location manually on the map

How about what is coming up? The long due iOS & Android Apps v2.0 are on the very top of the list, focusing on logbook functionality. We are currently testing these internally and will release a public-beta in a couple of weeks. We have also received many requests from boat owners, managers and clubs to provide multi-boat functionality within a single account. It made sense thus we have redesigned the system’s architecture and we shall soon introduce the new subscription model where you will be able to have multiple boats within a single account and be able to configure individually each one either as Free or Gold.

Closing, we remain grateful to our Gold subscribers for supporting the platform and we call the rest of you to join them, get extra features and more importantly support the platform, for us to keep developing and adding new features on TheBoatDB and TheBoatApp. YOU are the wind on our sails!