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Most interesting sailboats of 2020

Sep 07, 2020

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  • Most interesting sailboats of 2020

    The year 2020 will always be remembered as the year of one of the most devastating pandemics the world has ever experienced. However, there are interesting things happening as well that should not be ignored. The marine realm continues to charm its followers with interesting sailboats. After all, social distancing is best achieved if you isolate yourself in a sailboat in the middle of the sea, enjoying the freedom of the open waters and feeling safe with the sea breeze hitting your face.

    Most interesting monohulls of 2020

    Here are 5 of the most interesting sailboats of 2020 in the category of monohulls:

    1. The Dufour Grand Large 460 has a large volume hull in addition to chines, a fractional rig, and a double spread aluminum mast. It is a comfortable yacht with twin helms, open sightlines, and outdoor recreational spaces.
    2. The Tartan 365 is a very beautiful boat composed of a minimal bow overhang, a high-aspect blade rudder, and a fin keel.
    3. The Southerly 480 has a self-tacking inner jib, twin rudders, a swing keel to reduce draft, a double-handrail rig, and a well-protected helm station.
    4. The Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300 is a sailboat designed by Daniel Andrieu and Guillaume Verdier. It is a perfect racing boat whether with a full crew, two people, or just one.
    5. The Grand Soleil 34 is an amazing sailboat with a built-in E-glass and a carbon-reinforced frame that supports the mast and keel loads. This structure also keeps weight to a minimum.  

    Most interesting multihulls of 2020

    Here are 5 of the most interesting sailboats of 2020 in the category of multihulls:

    1. The Bali 4.8 is a great catamaran with ample living space and a massive flybridge. It has got an impressive lounging area and an open concept interior.
    2. The Gunboat 68 is a lightweight construction with narrow hulls, a strong rig, and a very good looking exterior. This catamaran has a saloon, several cabins, and a wonderful cockpit aft.
    3. The Excess 12 is designed by VPLP and has a twin outboard helm station, a high-aspect rig, and a square-top main.
    4. The Lagoon 46 has a large interior thanks to the great chines in the hull design, in addition to a flybridge, a forward cockpit, and a scenic lounging space.
    5. The Neel 47 is a trimaran with an impressive interior that displays a very ingenious usage of space. It also features two big double cabins, a saloon, a walk-through garage, a full-width cockpit, and a great galley. The Neel 47 has a lightweight construction and a powerful main.

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