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Improving your yacht management system with TheBoatApp

Oct 10, 2019

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  • Improving your yacht management system with TheBoatApp

    How TheBoatAPP quickly helps you improve your yacht management system!

    One of the most time consuming tasks that needs careful attention for any yacht owner is management. The management system of a yacht includes all things related to the functioning of the vessel, such as technical support, operational management, crew accounts, security regulations, emergency response, safety, as well as other requirements either requested by the owner or even imposed by state or local legislation.

    The aim of a management system is to ensure that your yacht is always safe and secure to go out on water, and there are no risks involved for the owner and companions. In addition, a good management system is able to protect the vessel and your investment in it as a result, as well as cut costs where it is possible. This is why it is important to be have a good management system that fits the needs of your yacht. TheBoatApp is able to provide a carefully designed management system that will improve the experience of any yacht owner.

    What TheBoatApp yacht management system includes

    TheBoatApp is provided by Marine Data Cloud Ltd, a British company that has developed the platform for all yacht and boat owners to use, 24/7, anywhere in the world, online as well as offline. One of the main advantages of TheBoatApp is that apart of its web interface, has an application available for both iOS and Android devices, that allows users to be able to follow and check up upon the management system of their yachts whenever and wherever they have the time or need to do so.

    The management system offered by TheBoatApp includes logbook, inventory, maintenance with reminders and details, document storage so you never lose them, checklists and to-do-lists of tasks you might have to perform and more. It also provides reports on the status of your vessel, in addition to alerts so you are never behind on your schedule, whether it is regarding cruising or maintenance. TheBoatApp also includes a yacht management software for free, which is the free version of the app for anyone to explore all the options it has to offer and use for as long as they like.

    The vision of TheBoatApp yacht management system

    TheBoatApp is powered by TheBoatDB, which is a database containing the data of all users’ yachts and boats. The aim of TheBoatDB is to index and make available to the users all the technical data related to yachts such as metrics and ratios, in order to provide comparisons plus carefully considered management plans and trips scheduling, customized to the owners needs, in relation to requirements and expectations.

    To obtain further information regarding TheBoatApp yacht management system, follow our blog articles which explain related topics or contact us directly by submitting your message on our website. We will make sure to answer any related questions.

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