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Importance of a Boat Management system

Oct 10, 2019

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  • Importance of a Boat Management system

    Why you should care about your boat management system!

    Anyone owning a boat or yacht is familiar with the importance of a management system that allows for your vessel to be safe, secure and up to date with all the check ups. The ultimate aim of a good management system is to ensure that when the boat is out in the water, the owner and the crew have nothing to worry about.

    What a boat management system does is keep track of the entire life of your vessel from logbooks, inventory, documents, maintenance checks, repairs and more, so that none of these gets neglected.

    The importance of each part of a boat management system

    As previously mentioned, a management system includes a few categories to keep track of the development of your boat and make sure that everything is up to date. TheBoatApp offers modular functionality including logbook, documents, checklists, reports, alerts, tasks, maintenance, inventory and more. Each section contains vital information for the respective boat element.

    The logbook is a registry of all the trips and conditions that the boat has taken over the years. It is important for anyone to know the history of the boat and understand its usage in the past. It also allows owners to know what kind of voyages their vessel has been successful in and which trips have been harder. This makes it easier to retrieve past information as well as plan future destinations. In addition, the logbook provides a good source of information to share with other interested parties in the boat, whether you want to rent the boat out or sell it. You can share pictures and stories from the logbook to attract more viewers.

    The documents section includes all the paperwork related to the boat. This feature is particularly important for clumsy and forgetful owners as it keeps them organized at all times.

    The checklist section is particularly important at the beginning of a trip because it helps anyone remember what needs to be checked and placed on board before the vessel is out of reach. This can be as simple as a grocery list or a final-check-before-casting-off.

    The reports on the other hand allow the user to have a generated document that gathers all the maintenance, checklist or other information for anyone to see and figure out what has been done, how their vessel has been performing and furthermore what now needs to be done.

    The alert option on a management system helps anyone remember what is coming up and what needs the attention of the owner at a given time. No more trying to keep everything in memory or jotted in a piece of paper hoping to remember in time to do what matters. Be alerted in advance and deal with the maintenance needed or simply the renewal of a soon-to-expire document.

    The tasks portion of the system is basically a to-do-list with everything that needs to be done regarding the boat. It helps the owner with time management and work distribution, allowing also assignment to third parties, like you mechanic, electrician, etc.

    The maintenance part is probably one of the most important features of any management system as it helps the owner know what has been done in terms of maintenance to the boat in the past and what still remains to be done in order for the vessel to be safe and secure on its next trip. Every major component has its own usage log for tracking usage and maintenance performed over time.

    The inventory keeps track of everything, from spare parts to whatever you need to take on board, including food, tools, consumables, etc.

    All in all the management system helps the owner keep track of everything and provide timely alerts of what needs to be done, when and even be whom, which in turn lowers costs and ensures the safety and longevity of the boat.

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