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Boat maintenance tools not to miss

Sep 28, 2020

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  • Boat maintenance tools not to miss

    When people mention boat maintenance tools, there are two formats that come to mind. These tools can be either physical or virtual.

    Physical tools are the little things that help you keep the boat afloat when something unexpected happens, either sailing in low visibility or getting a loose handrail on deck.

    Virtual tools, on the other hand, are the systems used to help you maintain your boat on a more organizational level.

    Both types are used to help boat owners, crew members or guests make the most out of their boat experience. In addition, they help anyone looking after the boat to be more prepared and efficient in their job.

    Physical boat maintenance tools you absolutely need

    There are way too many physical boat maintenance tools that we can think of. Technically, the more you have with you when you are out in the water, the better it is. A full list of maintenance tools will help you be more prepared when adversity hits. However, if you are looking to save some space and lower some weight, here are some of the most important tools to keep on board.

    • Screwdrivers – Screwdrivers are important on a boat as they are in anyone’s home. Try to keep a variety of screwdriver heads on board for any loose wiring.
    • Pliers – These are quite handy when it comes to cutting and adjusting wires and cables on board.
    • Navigation lights – Never forget that you are on a boat. So, pack for journeys at sea. Keep your navigation lights up to date and in compliance with sailing regulations.
    • Ropes – Learn how to tie the nautical notes and make ropes your best friend. Ropes are used for a variety of purposes on deck.
    • Adjustable wrench – This is a high-quality tool used to tighten battery connectors.
    • Torch – A Torch is necessary especially if you prefer to sail at night. It is also useful for times of low visibility or when you need to adjust something in a small space on the boat, which happens more than you might think.
    • Grease – find an appropriate marine grade waterproof grease to help you with all DIY repairs on the boat.
    • Electrical wire and tape – Have these tools with you at all times to test if a connection is working and to make emergency repairs on the boat.

    Virtual boat maintenance tools to look for

    When we say virtual boat maintenance tools, we mean digital systems that help you maintain your boat properly through storing important data and sending out reminders. What these tools do is basically provide you with the virtual assistance needed to keep your boat maintenance organized and on track.

    TheBoatAPP provides a full selection of tools that can help you manage your boat from afar just as well as being on deck. This app includes all your marine life backed up and cataloged appropriately in order to keep you more organized. All the data is accessible online and offline which means you can view it at anytime and anywhere in the world. Remote management is important for anyone in marine life as everybody knows, boat life equals traveling and changing postcodes quite often.

    The most important boat maintenance tools you should not miss are inventories, maintenance tasks, checklists, alert systems, documents, logbooks, and reports. TheBoatAPP provides all these platforms into the one app. It allows these systems to communicate with one another in order to make maintenance easier for anyone involved.

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