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Advantages of Using a Boat Inventory Software

Dec 03, 2019

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  • Advantages of Using a Boat Inventory Software

    The advantages of using a boat inventory software

    Keeping inventory is probably one of the most important tasks regarding companies, stores and, in our case, boats. Inventory management and tracking however, could be some of the most tedious task anyone has to deal with. Boat inventories provide a complete and updated list of items of everything that is on board. This includes all the spare parts that should always be available in case of a failure, the tools needed to maintain the boat, the consumables, provisions and more. 

    In addition to knowing that you have everything necessary to maintain and run your boat, Inventory data should also provide you with the location of every item in addition to the origin of the item, when it was bought, in what capacity, how much it costs, how long it can last, when it expires and also provide you with the relevant information on the minimum quantity needed on board for that specific item. 

    As it can be seen, inventories are much more than just lists of components and spare parts. They are actually services needed to be performed annually on a boat and require great attention to detail. Paper and pen can no longer do the trick, which is why a boat inventory software is what every respectable boat owner should rely on!

    Benefits of boat inventory software

    Using a boat inventory software can bring about a huge number of advantages in comparison to the old fashioned inventory logbooks. Firstly, the software requires little space on the memory of your phone or other device, which means you do not need any storing space for old logbooks and inventories anymore, as everything is now digital.

    Secondly, an inventory software can be accessed online or offline, as TheBoatApp allows you to, from anywhere in the world. So if at one point you are not sure whether to buy this or that item for your boat, you can just access your phone and see if you already have it or not plus verify its product number to make sure you are buying the item you need to. Furthermore, software inventories are much more organised and will allow you to save a considerable amount of time while searching for anything. No more going through pages and pages of data. All you have to do now is type a search string and possibly scroll a bit! 

    Last but not least, a boat inventory software is much more than a simple inventory. With TheBoatApp inventory service, you can also get alerts on what items you need to replace when their expiration date is approaching. This is particularly important with perishable goods, fire extinguishers or inspection certificates. You do not want to be stranded on water on expired food nor you want to be inspected by the Coast Guard to find out you have expired flares! And with so many things to look out for in terms of boat maintenance, it is only human to forget to restock before a trip. In addition, the alerts will also remind you to renew and replenish everything on time. All in all, the software is a computerised system that will make sure no human mistakes are made!

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