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5 Reasons to Automate the Yacht Management System

Oct 17, 2019

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  • 5 Reasons to Automate the Yacht Management System

    5 reasons why you should automate your yacht management system!

    Yachts are big vessels that include not only a lot of facilities and amenities but also a huge number of processes involved in order to keep them running smoothly throughout their entire lifetime. Imagine how much work is needed to keep a household all put together. Now think about the amount of work needed to operate a huge machine that houses guests, crew members and a large number of facilities within one single floating vessel. There is a number of processes that the owner or their managing team needs to make sure to go through in order to maintain a yacht properly.

    Firstly, there is maintenance. Maintenance is crucial in ensuring you have a safe and secure yacht as well as an enjoyable voyage for everyone on board. Maintenance is also a key component when it comes to the management system of a yacht. It includes the process itself, the feedback from each maintenance session, checklists of what there is left to do, checklists of what needs a second look and other similar process. Lastly, a main part of a good management system is timely alerts to remind the team when the next scheduled check is due. 

    Having to keep track of everything manually is a great hustle especially when it comes to yachts. Unlike houses, yachts are mobile and sometimes you need all the management information at hand when you are away from your office. Other times, the management team might be in one place while the rest of the crew might be in another place. Which is why, it is better to have an automated management system that can be updated and accessed at any time as well as at any place.

    How does an automated management system work

    An automated yacht management system is the easiest way to keep track of all the updates, changes and developments of your yacht. Automated systems such as TheBoatApp can be accessed at any point in time and can be shared with multiple people simultaneously so that every person in the management team is clear on the job they need to perform.

    In addition, an automated system means that every task and report is up to date on an online platform and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Documents are also an important element of a management system. With an automated system, all your documents can be stored in one place and can never be lost in unexpected fires, droughts or between travels.

    Not to mention, an automated system takes up less space and less costs than a normal hands on management system. Online platforms are where the future of the yacht management system is going. So start moving in the right direction as soon as you can. The yachting industry is a rapidly developing one, so should be embrassing such a management system to its benefit and provide the added value to all its members, being owners, skippers, boat or shore crew, or even visiting guests.

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