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10 Tips to Increase Boat Safety

Sep 25, 2019

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  • 10 Tips to Increase Boat Safety

    10 simple tips that will increase your boat safety and prevent accidents while cruising!

    Getting your boat out and cruise through the wind is an amazing and freeing experience. At that moment you want nothing to worry you but just relax and enjoy the waters. If you are a boat owner however, concerns are impossible to avoid. One of the most common ones is preventing accidents when you are out in the open sea, sailing away with no land in sight. This is why boat safety is a very important issue and requires careful attention.

    Even if you are an experienced sailor and captain, safety rules and practices before leaving the docks should always be reviewed to ensure that the trip you are about to take is as safe as possible. Responsibility is key! The first thing you need to make sure is to enjoy your boat without being reckless. In addition to this, read through the following tips and tricks to ensure that your boat is safe and everyone aboard is secure.

    How to increase your boat safety and prevent crusing accidents

    The first thing to do in order to increase boat safety and prevent any accidents out in the open water is to actually know what you are doing. Therefore, we suggest you take a boat course, if you are not experienced or do not have a strong grasp of sailing rules. You can get your boat course anywhere, even online! It will help you learn how to check your boat, maintain it and sail it as well. In addition, it will also teach you the gist of the nautical rules and regulations, what the nautical aids look like and how to spot them when at sea.

    Second tip of the day is to follow through your checklist before departure and make sure you have everything you need on the boat. The same as a car, your boats needs it’s gear at all times.

    Our third tip is to use your common sense. This means, be aware of weather conditions and do not go out on bad weather. Also, avoid alcohol and try to be alert at all times. You never know when an iceberg might show up ahead so stay focused and cruise at a safe speed!

    Fourth tip to ensure a trip without accidents is to sail in open waters and steer clear of the shore and marinas, where there are many other boats docked and – usually – quite much traffic.

    Five, make sure you get enough life jackets on board, for everyone sailing with you, and learn how to properly use them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    Six, keep your boat aerated and full of fresh air at all times, to avoid CO poisoning.

    Our seventh tip is to conduct a free boat check whenever possible.

    Eight, develop a cruise plan and inform someone of where you are going so if anything happens, someone will know where to find you.

    Nine, get someone to assist you when sailing. This could be anyone with some knowledge of sailing or basic seamanship.

    Last tip, make sure your maintenance is up to date. Maintenance is important in ensuring boat safety and preventing accidents. TheBoatApp can help you track all the needed maintenance steps, register spares and tools or simply manage tasks, all in one place. Our aim is for your boat to be safe and for you to enjoy your trip!

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