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How Can Boating Benefit Retirees?

Jan 30, 2023

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  • How Can Boating Benefit Retirees?

    Boating can range from sailing, fishing, and racing — all of which allow you to explore nature in a different way as you step away from land and into the water. Because of this refreshing way of approaching the world, Business Wire reports that recreational boating boomed in 2021. Today, boating continues to be popular.

    For retirees looking for a new adventure late in their life, boating is a lifestyle you can get into. It can be a fulfilling way to spend your period of well-deserved rest. It not only keeps you preoccupied but can also yield an overall better quality of life. Here’s how boating can benefit retirees and a few tips on how you can get started:

    How can boating boost retirees’ mental wellness?

    Water can have numerous mental wellness benefits. The Guardian says that just being near water can have a psychological restorative effect. This can be attributed to the sound of bodies of water, the quality of light bouncing off from them, and the physical interaction you have with the environment. Engaging in a new skill can also be mentally stimulating, which is crucial when you’re not working anymore. Our article ‘Regular Boat Maintenance Tasks You Should Always Do’ lists down the regular motions of caring for a boat. This involves checking the engine, cleaning the exterior, and ensuring the oil tank is full — all of which help you to stay sharp. This slows down brain aging and delays cognitive decline.

    How can boating boost physical health?

    With many elements in your lifestyle changing in retirement, it can be challenging to stay fit. But even when you’re not racing, boating can involve a lot of physical activity. It requires you to be on your feet, keeping your balance as your boat sways in the water. And, if you’re using a boat with sails, you’ll need to be fit and agile to maneuver your vessel. You can also derive physical exertion from keeping your boat clean or inspecting it to see that the engine, oil tanks, and wiring are working correctly.

    It can also be great for your mood since physical activity can help older adults boost self-esteem, raise self-worth, and improve confidence. Lastly, you benefit from sunlight, enhancing your bone health, brain functions, and mood.

    How can boating open retirees up to social opportunities?

    One of the most meaningful rewards of boating is the social opportunities you gain. Being on the water can raise your spirits and refresh your mind. This makes boating a great activity to share with your friends and family to create new memories. You can also meet new people when you travel to where you’re sailing or join communities with similar interests. Our post ‘Best Routes to Sail Around the World’ recommends some of the world’s most beautiful places for sailing. You can visit the Caribbean or even the Mediterranean, where calm waters can be perfect for relaxed boating and social engagement. Experiencing such places can put great meaning into your retirement by giving you more opportunities to share your time with others.

    Which are the best boating activities for retirees?

    With older adults needing to take care of their bodies, it’s best to stick with boating activities where you’re unlikely to run into mishaps. Activities that require less speed, like kayaking or canoeing, can be a soothing way to spend your time. They require manual paddling to propel yourself across the water, making it a great strengthening exercise for your muscles. And without the sound of engines, it can be a calm way to spend time with loved ones. Another activity you can enjoy is fishing, which can be fruitful when you bring your catch home at the end of the day. You can explore different waters for different types of catches. If you want to unwind and spend long periods of time on the water, then sailing and yachting could be the activity for you. These activities allow you to go farther out into the ocean with greater safety, especially since you may need a companion. This adds a level of excitement and accomplishment to your boating experience.

    How can using a boat maintenance app make boating better?

    Being on the water presents different types of risks compared to being on land. Fortunately there are a lot of materials at hand to help. The podcast episode ‘Boating Safety Principles with Ron Gayman’, hosted by the Arizona State Parks and Trails (Awesome) Podcast, explains how you can go about your boating adventures without compromising your safety. One tip discussed was to ensure you always have a personal floatation device onboard and carry signaling tools like a whistling device, mirror, flag, flashlight, and flare gun. Additionally, you can download TheBoatApp on the App Store or Play Store, where we provide a wide variety of ready-made checklists and proven workflows to ensure you get things right. If you’re worried about remembering things specific to your health, like medicines or first aid items, you can also add or remove items from these lists.

    Since you’re an older adult, it’s also ideal that you take classes or orientations to retain pertinent information about the specific vessel being used. You will also need to warm up or exercise before getting into the water so you don’t abruptly strain your muscles. Practicing safety allows you to enjoy your boating activity of choice with greater assurance.

    With so many changes that come with retirement, easing into this new phase of your life is often daunting. By pursuing boating, you can engage in a beneficial hobby that gives you joy and fulfillment.

    Written by Alyssa Venus Conway
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