Release Notes (a.k.a. Change-log)

Agile development means faster and more frequent releases. With more features being released, more bugs being fixed and more improvements and changes in general, we feel we need to share with all of you the respective Release Notes. In this page, you have access to the release notes for all our products.

Due to tight deadlines, our developers had to deliver a quite complicated piece of software in a short amount of time, therefore we still have work-in-progress and are continuously improving our platform and applications by squashing those nasty bugs and adding new functionalities. In the release notes we are reflecting all our continuous efforts to improve our web platform and accompanying mobile apps.

Our Release Notes are divided into 3 main categories, one for each of the respective platform (Web, Android, iOS):

  1. Web
  2. Android App
  3. iOS App

These release notes will be kept up to date for all our future releases, providing the full visibility to our journey to bring IT automation to boat lovers and marine aficionados!