Boat Knowledge Quiz

Boat Knowledge Quiz

Are you an expert in boats? Take this quiz to find out!

Owning a boat is fun but does not make you an expert in all things related to boats and yachts. If you want to prove yourself and how much you know, take the quiz below!

Each question has only one right answer. Finish the quiz to get your score and discover how much you actually know about boats and yachts.



Are you an Expert in Boats? Take this Quiz to find Out!

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When is it forbidden to cross a coastal bar?

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How often should boat oil be changed?

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Which vessel should give way between a sailing boat and a power boat?

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What is the most important part of a sailboat?

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What is the minimum distance a vessel should keep from any towed person?

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How would a seasoned driver manage speed on water?

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If you find yourself sailing in a channel, where should you drive?

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What is a super-yacht?

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When is the best time to do maintenance work on your boat?

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How often should you service your boat?

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How many hand held distress signals should a vessel carry on open waters?

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How long is the longest yacht in the world?

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A 7.5 metre power-driven vessel should display what light when it is out at night?

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What is the very first boat in history called?

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How far away from a dive flag should you keep your vessel when on water?

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If you get between 0% to 30% – Boat Newbie

Are you finding yourself in this category? Then your knowledge on boats is not great to say the least. Do not worry however. Any time is a good time to learn some more and become and expert on yachts, boats and other maritime rules. Continue reading our blog at TheBoatApp to discover more interesting facts on maintenance tips, history and more!

If you get between 31% to 60% – Casually informed

You are probably not surprised to find yourself in this category. You know some facts about boats, probably due to being surrounded by boat lovers. It might be enough for you, however if you wish to learn more, you do not have to struggle much. Just keep reading boat facts and follow your intuition. It seems to work out for you so far.

If you get between 61% to 100% – Expert mode on!

Hello boat expert! There is not much you do not know about boats or yachts. Congratulations! Keep the good work up and enjoy your marine life as much as you can.

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